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What to Expect When Visiting Harbour Centre Dental

At Harbour Centre Dental, we offer a wide range of dental services in one convenient location. You can enjoy a personalized approach to your dental care whether you are coming in for a general dentist appointment, a cosmetic dental treatment, or a restorative dental procedure at our wheelchair-accessible dental clinic in Coal Harbour and Gastown. 

General Dental Care at Harbour Centre 

Your dental health is important to us, and after treating patients for ten years at our Coal Harbour and Gastown location, we know that every mouth is different and requires individualized care. At Harbour Centre Dental, you will never be treated as a number. Your treatment plan will always be tailored to suit your unique circumstances, whether the plan is complex or simply a bi-annual check-up and cleaning. Experience our patient-focused approach for yourself at your next general dental appointment!

Oral Health Exams

Healthy mouth, healthy life! Taking care of your oral and dental health is integral to maintaining your overall well-being. At Harbour Centre Dental, we recommend visiting our downtown Vancouver dental clinic once a year so our detail-oriented dentists can assess your teeth and gums to make sure your smile is happy, healthy, and in great shape.

During your oral health exam, your dentist will check for any excess plaque, signs of gingivitis, and potential cavities that could lead to a serious tooth infection. Our team will also take new x-rays to make sure everything is healthy below the gum line and will even perform an oral cancer screening using innovative Velscope technology.

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Dental Technology

At Harbour Centre Dental, we are committed to keeping up with advances in dental technology so we can take a modern and innovative approach to dental healthcare. During your oral health exam, our dental technicians will use high-tech dental solutions like intra-oral scanners for 3D dental impressions, digital x-rays for your comfort, and non-invasive VELscope cancer screening to make sure our assessments are as accurate as possible.

At-Home Dental Hygiene

When you visit Harbour Centre Dental for your bi-annual dental hygiene check-up, our experienced dental hygienists will take extra care and time to educate you on how to maintain your oral hygiene at home since your teeth and gums require a healthy dose of TLC daily to keep bacteria and plaque build-up at bay. Our team will teach you how to brush, floss, and rinse properly for the best long-term results.

Additional Dental Services at Your Fingertips

Our dental clinic on the border of Coal Harbour and Gastown is equipped with a full suite of modern dental technology and tools so our multi-talented dentists can go above and beyond for your dental needs, no matter how simple or complex they may be. From veneers, white fillings, and teeth whitening to root canal therapy, teeth extraction, and Invisalign, Harbour Centre Dental has you covered.  

Cosmetic Dental Treatments

If you are not satisfied with the look of your smile, several cosmetic dentistry services can help enhance your naturally beautiful features. At Harbour Centre Dental, we offer gum contouring, teeth whitening, veneers, white fillings, and Invisalign for patients struggling with common cosmetic issues like crooked, discoloured, or chipped teeth. When you book a consultation, your highly trained dentist will discuss your desired outcomes and which cosmetic procedure would be the most beneficial for your needs and budget.

Restorative Dental Procedures

If you are experiencing severe tooth pain from a serious infection, you may need root canal therapy. A root canal treatment will clean the infected tooth area and restore the tooth structure to make sure you can talk, chew, smile, and swallow with ease once the infection has been treated.

At Harbour Centre Dental, we can perform root canals in our calm and tranquil dental clinic to make your experience as comfortable as possible. We also perform wisdom teeth extractions onsite to prevent teeth from crowding, and our dentists are fully trained to install permanent dental implants for patients with gaps in their smiles. 

Prevention is Key

Our downtown Vancouver dental clinic is a one-stop shop for patients in need of general, cosmetic, or restorative dental care. Our highly skilled team of dental specialists is trained to address your unique dental concerns with thoughtful care and attention to detail. That said, we also take time to educate you on the importance of preventative dental care so you can limit the risk of stains, discolouration, and harmful tooth infections that could lead to costly restorative dental treatments.

Why Choose Harbour Centre as Your Dentist

Patients choose Harbour Centre Dental for our patient-centred approach to well-rounded dental care. We serve patients of all ages and stages of life, understanding that meaningful healthcare is more than fixing a clinical problem. Our goal is to find a path that is also financially and emotionally feasible for every patient. Whenever possible, our team will prioritize urgent issues and spread treatment over multiple appointments and collaborate with you to come up with a timeline that suits your priorities and budget. Your health comes first at Harbour Centre Dental.