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Harbour Centre Dental is your Vancouver dentist for all cosmetic, general and restorative smile needs. We offer you a complete range of dental services that can help give your smile – and your confidence – a boost.

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Oral Health Care

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Dental Hygiene Appointments

Poor oral health care has been connected to poor general health so don’t jeopardize your overall health and come in for an appointment at Harbour Centre Dental. Regular dental hygiene cleanings, whether once every six months or as recommended by your dentist at Harbour Centre Dental, can help reduce plaque buildup and reduce your chances of gum disease and tooth decay.

For more information about regular dental hygiene appointments or to book your regular dental hygiene appointment at Harbour Centre Dental, contact us today.

TMJ/TMD Treatments

If your temporomandibular jaw (TMJ) isn’t perfectly aligned or experiences undue pressure due to misaligned teeth, you may experience headaches, jaw clicking, jaw soreness, and sore jaw/neck muscles. Additional symptoms of TMJ/TMD disorder include difficulty chewing or biting, migraines and earaches.

Contact us today to learn more about TMJ/TMD and how it can affect your health or book your TMJ/TMD evaluation.

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Here at HCD we believe that a path to success can always be found. A feasible path to optimal dental health and aesthetics is possible for anyone. We understand that complex dental issues may create feelings of hopelessness and even prevent a patient from investigating the possibility of treatment. Our dentists encourage anyone that is holding back from exploring treatment options to book an initial consultation. We can show you how, with a customized treatment plan, the stages of your treatment can be prioritized and phased in a manner that is financially and emotionally comfortable.

Explore the possibilities. You will thank yourself later.

You really can enjoy a bright, beautiful and healthy smile!

our servcices at harbour centre dental

Case #1

After years of stifling her smiles in order to hide her broken down teeth, our patient BE no longer feels inhibited to express joy. Once we brought her gums to ideal health and fixed her cavities, we were able to give her a beautiful smile with two porcelain crowns and some conservative fillings. This treatment is easy, affordable and positively impacts physical and emotional well-being.
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Case #2

After years of travelling and not having easy access to proper dental care, our patient CS was highly motivated to salvage his remaining teeth and to replace the ones he had lost. After thorough assessment of his jaw joints and proper consideration to his musculo-skeletal well-being, a treatment plan involving some conservative tooth movements (through Invisalign® treatment), whitening, and crown/veneer work was used to correct his remaining teeth, both functionally and esthetically. The many teeth he was missing in the back areas of his mouth were replaced with carefully planned implants and these, in turn, were crowned to create an ideal bite. CS has a healthy and beautiful smile today!
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Case #3

GC, an aspiring model, wanted a permanent and effective fix for her dark discoloured front tooth. Treatment entailed 2 weeks of night-time whitening followed by a single crown for the yellowish tooth. A natural looking, esthetic and long-lasting result was easily achieved.
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Case #4

Our patient, MJ, decided she wanted a quick fix to straighten her crooked teeth. Because she wanted treatment to move quickly, orthodontic treatment was declined. Instead, we gave MJ a beautiful, new smile, with well aligned and whiter teeth, by using crowns and veneers. She is thrilled with the result and so are we. Treatment time took no more than 4 appointments.
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Case #5

Our patient CO, having lost all her upper teeth, opted to place implants in the upper arch so that a denture could be fabricated to clip into the implants. This method eliminates the need for extending the acrylic of the denture over the roof of the mouth. She now has great function and esthetics with her minimal-coverage denture.