Oral Surgery at your Downtown Dentist

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Root Canal Therapy

If your tooth becomes infected, it may be possible to save it and not require it to be extracted. A root canal treatment performed on your tooth at Harbour Centre Dental may allow you to keep your natural tooth and restore your smile’s strength and functionality. Root canals generally have a bad reputation; however, modern root canals are relatively quick solutions to infected teeth.

An infected tooth may be potentially life-threatening. Infection can cause pain and/or swelling. It can also spread to adjacent areas of the face and neck and can travel to other body parts through the bloodstream. If you’re experiencing a toothache, please contact Harbour Centre Dental as soon as possible.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Your third molars (commonly referred to as your wisdom teeth) generally erupt through the gums at age 18-25. However, often times, your third molars simply have no room to grow and either become impacted (don’t erupt) or grow crooked, affecting your surrounding teeth. Your dentist at Harbour Centre Dental can inform you whether your wisdom teeth require extraction or not.

Don’t jeopardise your health or the health of your teeth. Contact our Vancouver dental clinic if you suspect your wisdom teeth require extraction.